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Business Education Event

Paris - 6th June

Cercle Lebrun

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As part of the Trace One Exec Club you are invited to networking events across Europe and the USA, giving you the opportunity to network and socialize with your industry colleagues over lunch or dinner in a unique setting.

The event will be held in French, join us in Paris.


Wednesday 6th June
Arrival registration and refreshments break
Plenary to commence
Christopher Durham The Future of Private Brand - Beyond Private Label
Matthieu Vincent What is foodtech and how to leverage it?
Refreshment break
Dr Nikolai Reynolds Omni-Channel - Quo Vadis? Reality Check in the Food Sector
Hans Baetsen Amazon in Europe: what if? Opportunities for private label retailers
Drinks and 3 course seated lunch
Event close and Depart
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My Private Brand

Founder - DigitalFoodLab



Please see our suggestions for local accommodation

Hotel OFF Paris Seine
86 Quai d'Austerlitz, 75013 Paris, 20-minute walk to Cercle Lebrun

Hotel la Lanterne
12 Rue de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, 75005 Paris, 5-minute walk to Cercle Lebrun

Please see our suggestions on how to get to the venue

Parking: Maubert - Saint-Germain: access to 37, boulevard Saint-Germain

Lagrange: access to 15, rue Lagrang

Metro/Subway: Line 10: Cardinal Lemoine or Jussieu / Line 7: Jussieu

Bus: Lines 24/47/67/63/86/87/89

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Christopher Durham
My Private Brand
The Future of Private Brand - Beyond Private Label

Speech abstract: We live in an age of wonder - shopping is in the palm of our hands, products are delivered to our front door, social media keeps us up to date on our friends around the world, and the best price on any product in the world is just a click away. The internet, mobile phones, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, and Google, are transforming not only retail but every facet of our daily life. While many fear the death of retail, the dramatic changes beg a more critical question: what is the real potential of Private Brand in the 21st century?
In this inspiring presentation Christopher Durham, president of My Private Brand (mypbrand.com) and author of Fifty2: The My Private Brand Project and Vanguard Vintage Originals will present a vivid portrait of the brave new world of private brands, and how tomorrows retail leaders will use them to differentiate and WIN.

Christopher Durham is a world-renowned private brand consultant, author, and retailer who built million-dollar brands for global supermarket retailer Delhaize and led strategy and brand development for Lowe’s Home Improvement's $18 billion private brand portfolio. He is the founder of the ground breaking private brand website My Private Brand and the cofounder of the international private brand package design competition The Vertex Awards. In 2017 he introduced Velocity: The My Private Brand Conference a thought leadership gathering of private brand executives focused in creating the future or retail owned brands. He has consulted with retailers around the world on their private brand portfolios including Ahold, Family Dollar, Petco, Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, Metro (Canada), TLW (Taiwan) REI and Hola (Taiwan).


Matthieu Vincent
What is foodtech and how to leverage it?

Speech abstract: With DigitalFoodLab, we are convinced that FoodTech is an opportunity for Europe and France, an area where its start-ups should be leaders. All the ingredients are there: food industry giants, quality products, recognised culinary know-how, investors and entrepreneurs. But what is FoodTech and how to act on it?
On this talk, we will look at examples coming for all around the world of the best and most inspiring startup ventures in this field, going from agriculture to the end consumer. We will also look at the trends shaping the future of FoodTech and how corporates can work with these startups.

Matthieu is the co-founder of DigitalFoodLab. He is a FoodTech entrepreneur since 2010 when he founded WeCook, a meal planner with dietary advice. In 2013, with its partners Jérémie & Alexandre he initiated the DigitalFoodClub events, aiming to gather and develop the French FoodTech ecosystem. 4 years and 22 events later, DigitalFoodClub is now the place where entrepreneurs, investors and corporates meet in Paris and other French cities. Since he sold WeCook in early 2017, Matthieu is developing DigitalFoodLab in order to grow the European FoodTech ecosystem. DigitalFoodLab explores FoodTech opportunities and help entrepreneurs, investors and food corporates to act on them. Through DigitalFoodLab, Matthieu delivers talks, prospective reports and consulting. Matthieu is M.Eng from Telecom SudParis and MSc. in e-commerce from Dublin City university.


Dr Nikolai Reynolds
Senior Director, Head of Quantitative Marketing Research Germany
Omni-Channel - Quo Vadis? Reality Check in the Food Sector

Speech abstract: Online grocery markets are still niche-concerns in Western Europe. Only a small minority of the total European population currently buys food online. However, the absolute size of the entire food market leads most experts to predict a rapid growth in online shopping over the next few years. The projected conversion could lead to disruptive changes. Consequently, early-adopters may reveal fundamental insights into the future potential, making their perceptions of vital interest.


Hans Baetsen
Chief Sales Officer
Amazon in Europe: what if? Opportunities for private label retailers

Hans has helped over 200 brands expand their business successfully to new markets. Holding a Cum Laude Master’s degree in International Business Economics and Management, he leads Judolaunch' team of experts to serve customers. An ambitious sales leader, he combines business understanding with his huge international experience obtained in Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa. He has his hands on the Business Development of Judolaunch. Our CEO wanted to grow his own Amazon business and build an international brand, but experienced the challenges of doing so.  Judolaunch was initially built as a tool for his own Private Label brand, but it has since evolved far beyond that. Now our groundbreaking tools are available for any seller to take advantage of. Judolaunch is the answer for Private Label sellers who are looking to get more sales and visibility on the Amazon EU and US markets.