Business Education Event

London - 17th October


Our first Business Education Event in London was held in the Hg Capital building overlooking Tower Bridge and the Thames.

Presentations were given by the following industry experts:

Denise Klug - LZ Retailytics
Dr Nikolai Reynolds - Ipsos
Gil Lang - Privatelabeljourney
Danny McMillian - Entrepreneur

After the Business Education programme, attendees were able to enjoy a networking lunch with colleagues, hosts and the speakers.

Denise Klug
Senior Retail Analyst
LZ Retailytics
Private Label in the Age of Supermarketisation and Digitalisation

Denise Klug is a Senior Retail Analyst at LZ Retailytics covering German, Austrian, Swiss as well as Benelux grocery retail. Her fields of expertise lie in discounters, private label and health & beauty retail. Prior to her current position, she worked for five years as an analyst for Planet Retail and was head of the Modern Grocery Distribution team in the Frankfurt office. Denise speaks regularly at various international retail conferences, at internal customer events and is a frequent international media commentator on grocery and health & beauty retail issues. Prior to joining Planet Retail, Denise worked as a freelance journalist. She holds a BA in Cognitive Linguistics and is a certified foreign language correspondence clerk.

Speech abstract: Private label manufacturers and retailers are increasingly finding themselves confronted with new threats in the European market. The consolidation process and saturation have become more severe. At the same time, Amazon is growing exorbitantly changing retail strategies of various players and stimulating grocery e-commerce growth. Discounters and drugstores are aggressively fighting over market shares and contribute to an overall channel blurring.
These developments have a notable effect on private label architectures and marketing strategies. Popular and rapidly-evolving own brand categories have become the centre of attention experiencing more listings at price aggressive retail chains. Simultaneously, private labels have become a tool to make grocery online shops more affordable supporting a fine-tuning particularly necessary in the price-sensitive European market.
This presentation will provide an overview of the current stage of the European retail environment, give details on the two most important strategy shifts – supermarketisation of discounters and digitalisation – and elaborate new challenges on the development of private labels.


Dr Nikolai Reynolds
Global Head of Product Testing
Omni-Channel - Quo Vadis? Reality Check in the Food Sector

Dr Nikolai Reynolds is an adjunct professor for marketing research at the University of Bonn in Germany and leads the quantitative marketing research business at Ipsos in Germany across four offices. He has published multiple articles in peer reviewed high-ranking journals on market research and has consulted the EU Commission in market research subjects.

Speech abstract: Online grocery markets are still niche-concerns in Western Europe. Only a small minority of the total European population currently buys food online. However, the absolute size of the entire food market leads most experts to predict a rapid growth in online shopping over the next few years. The projected conversion could lead to disruptive changes. Consequently, early-adopters may reveal fundamental insights into the future potential, making their perceptions of vital interest.


Gil Lang - Co-founder of
Founder and Amazon Consultant with Commerce& (E-Commerce Agency & Laboratory)
Commerce & The Future of Private Label on and off Amazon

Gil Lang has been responsible for purchasing in Asia and Eastern Europe for large textile companies. As a strategy and technology consultant, he advises key players in the logistics, mobile and textile industries with solutions in order to reposition themselves on the market. Gil has built up a highly focused sports brand that has been successfully positioned in the important subcategories on Amazon and has built up another brand in nutrition, on Amazon.

Speech abstract: How to use branding and product development in this fast-paced world to be successful in the e-commerce world long term! Why many private label sellers will have a hard time in the future and how they can improve their business for future e-commerce business. Hands on step by step strategies that they can plug and play in their business.


Danny McMillan
Amazon specialist, Entrepreneur
Global Speaker and Host of Seller Sessions: The No 1. Podcast for Advanced Amazon Sellers
Top Tips for sourcing in China, Hong Kong and Online

Danny comes from a 17-year-career in the music industry, having run his own labels, worked in production, worked in radio, and as an artist. He was regarded as one of the pioneers of the UK Breakbeat scene at the end of the 90s followed in the early noughties with a two-year weekly residency on the leading UK Radio station Kiss 100 FM. In 2006 Danny, along with his team and long-term business partner, developed the DM01 MIDI controller. This is where he got his taste for innovating on products, digital marketing and online business development. Taking his product, management and entrepreneurial experience together, in March 2015 Danny started honing in on Amazon FBA.

Speech abstract: In his presentation, Danny McMillan will share his experience and tips when dealing with suppliers at Trade Shows, and how to effectively log everything with tools. He also explores the necessity of adjusting your technique as a seller when online sourcing, as compared to face-to-face exchanges in China and Hong Kong. Danny also shares his expertise in optimising your time at the Canton Fair.