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Cookies Policy

March 2018


This Cookie Policy applies to the Service(s) and forms an integral part of the Agreement.

The purpose of this policy is to inform YOU of the different types of cookies used in the context of our Services and to specify what they are used for.


  1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a very simple little file, a text file in fact, sent by the server managing the Trace One Solution(s) and/or the Services and saved on the hard drive of your computer. A cookie is therefore often linked to a unique identifier; the use of cookies makes it possible, in particular, for Trace One to “recognise” YOU.


  1. How can cookies be used?

Cookies can have several different uses. For example, they allow YOU to navigate web pages in an efficient manner by retaining your browsing preferences and improving your overall browsing experience.


  1. What types of cookies are used in the Trace One Solutions and what are they used for?

In the context of the Services, we use the following cookies in particular:

  • authentication cookies, which allow you to sign in and ensure you can access the Services,
  • session cookies, which are stored only for the duration of your session and which make it possible to identify YOU and to facilitate your navigation of the Trace One Solutions,
  • persistent cookies, which make it possible to personalise your connection to the Trace One Solutions (for example, your language preference),
  • audience measurement cookies, which are used to gather information relating to your browsing activity, and which are stored for a period not exceeding 13 months.

The cookies described above are installed on your computer because they are essential to the delivery of the Services YOU have subscribed to; without them, YOU would not be able to browse the Trace One Solutions or, as a result, use our Services.

  • advertising cookies, which are used to provide you content which will match your individuals interest and needs (ie: pixel Facebook).


  1. Cookie control methods

YOU can deactivate our cookies by modifying your browser settings or by directly managing your account on the third-party service.

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YOU can also object to cookies by installing a browser add-on which YOU can access via the following link:

It should be noted however that deactivating the cookies may adversely affect your experience of the Trace One Solutions.

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