Why Private Label fashion is a growth driver for retailers

Posted: Sep 18, 2018

When we think of own brands, our minds will immediately jump to products like food, cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning items. One product category in particular that appears to have taken off in recent years, however, is fashion. As increasing numbers of retailers have experienced great success with the launch of own brand clothing ranges, it appears that Private Label apparel is beginning to capture the attention of a growing number of people.

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Environmental sustainability in the food industry

Posted: Sep 03, 2018

As the global population continues to grow in a world with limited resources, the pressure is mounting on producers and manufacturers to maximize the amount of food that can be grown on existing land. This in turn, is having a catastrophic impact on the environment.

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Capitalizing on the market growth of the health and fitness industry

Posted: Aug 14, 2018

It’s no secret that, in the last decade or so we have witnessed a global obesity crisis.

Owing to factors such as living increasingly sedentary lifestyles, larger food portions and making poor nutritional choices, (perhaps due to being bombarded with fast food and drink advertising everywhere we turn), we are now in an alarming state of global health.

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Cruelty free products to enhance consumer desirability

Posted: Jul 25, 2018

Amongst product trends such as ‘free-from,’ eco-friendly and (when it comes to food), veganism; a demand that is evidently high on the modern consumer’s agenda are products that are cruelty free.

In recent years, we have become more exposed to leaked footage and documentaries exposing what goes on behind the scenes in ‘animal testing’ labs. Much of which is shocking, gruesome and cruel.

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How to build and maintain consumer trust in Private Label

Posted: Jul 06, 2018

Private Label products have come a long way in recent years. Once perceived as cheap and basic compared to the national brands on offer, consumers are now recognizing that Private Labels are actually a worthwhile purchase. This was evidenced in a recent study undertaken by Nielsen [1], which revealed that the Private Label market share has climbed to an all time high in nine European countries.

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Meeting the consumer's needs through product packaging

Posted: Jun 26, 2018

Packaging has evolved remarkably in the last few decades and is now a complex and specialized technology in itself. Increasingly, a product’s packaging has become an integral part of delivering a brand’s voice, values and personality, in addition to playing a pivotal role in quality perception.

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How retailers are expanding on their plant-based credentials due to the rise in veganism

Posted: Jun 05, 2018

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the veganism trend is becoming highly prevalent across the globe. Growing numbers of consumers are mindfully opting to reduce their meat consumption and are turning to vegan products instead. According to forecasts by Allied Market Research, the global meat alternative market will reach a massive $5.2 billion by 2020[1] and has even been referred to as the biggest lifestyle movement of the 21st century.

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Retail Success - the Importance of In-store Experiences

Posted: May 25, 2018

Experiential marketing is by no means a new phenomenon, however, with the rise of e-commerce it has evolved quite significantly in recent years. Consumers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to their shopping experiences, which has consequently resulted in the experience ‘bar’ being set very high for retailers and brands. It is therefore not surprising that brands and retailers who fail to meet these high expectations will almost certainly fall behind.

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Matthieu Vincent - What is Foodtech?

Posted: Apr 24, 2018

We invited Matthieu Vincent, cofounder of DigitalFoodLab to explain what FoodTech does as an introduction to his presentation at our Paris Business Education Event on June 6th. This is what he said...

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