Founded in 2001, Trace One powers the world’s largest collaborative network for Private Label Management with more than 20,000 companies in 100 countries developing over $300B in products annually. Trace One provides a network for trusted business partners to collaborate in the development of unique, healthy and responsible Private Label products.

Through the success of the network, Trace One recognizes the importance and benefit of communication and collaboration to meet the challenges of the industry. Changing consumer demands and the complexities of legislation make the sharing of knowledge and gaining of new insight within the Private Label industry essential to ensure Private Label growth. Trace One has established the Exec Club to help facilitate this.


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The plastic-free movement is the pressure by both the public and the media to significantly reduce the use of plastic globally. It’s a hugely complex topic with arguments both for and against a plastic-free future. However, with 12 million tonnes1 of plastic entering our oceans every year, it’s understandable that consumers, businesses and...

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Private Label products have come a long way in recent years. Once perceived as cheap and basic compared to the national brands on offer, consumers are now recognizing that Private Labels are actually a worthwhile purchase. This was evidenced in a recent study undertaken by Nielsen [1], which revealed that the Private Label market share has...